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Sunday, August 7

Exotique Dancer Part II (death in details)

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Click here to see a really good tutorial blending. Another on skin tones, nose, eyes, and lips.
12. Okay, continuing on. Working on the details. I've changed her eye the moment, I'm in a blue mood. I've also made them bigger, and darkened the shadows on the right side of her face, and on her neck and torso.

13. Time to work on the jewerly. I've sketched them in roughly on a separate layer to give an idea of where they are going. Oh, and our eyes are brown again (gotta love the "color" mode). Still smoothing out the shadows on her face and neck.

14. Oh, I added a veil. Just put a shape of color in there as a place holder until I get that far. Still working on the details of the jewelry. Sill brown eyes, yay!

15. Her neck was long....way too long. Now its not. =p Her eyes are still brown, but her head band is gone, and I've made her a true brunette (again, I love the "color" mode brush).
Also, its time to start detailing the hair, (Children, what is today's word? DETAIL!) roughing in some hightlights and shadows in chunks (no individual strands!) Go here to see a really good tutorial on painting hair.

I've started to work on the details on her top, trying to figure out how I want to design the patterns on it. I think she i looking more indian now. I didn't start with a really strong idea of what I wanted to do with this picture, beside drawing a woman in a belly dancing outfit. But I think it is starting to evolve into something.

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