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Wednesday, August 10

Exotique Dancer Part IV (I told you I'm a fickle artist)

20. Well, here we are again. Got some good critisim about her anatomy, so redlined my own picture to figure out how things should line up.

21. Then I decided to work on the background a little bit. I love how it turned out, though I did these two images from jpegs while at work, so I have to recreate everything once I get home. Not as easy. =o

22. Wasn't happy with how the skirt was flowing, so I redid it, which turned out to be more difficult than I would have liked, since I could find a reference I liked. Oh, and her hair is different...again. I spent a lot of time looking at indian dancers as I was looking for references, and I was inspired to copy their costume style more closely. So new jewlery and hairstyle.

23. Here is a close up of the face. Spent a lot of time getting the features lined up correctly. I lengthened her nose, and made it wider. Isn't she pretty? And earless? (I'll have to fix that)

24. She has a pointy sword! Yay! Okay, I will have to tilt the sword up some more so that she doesn't slit her wrists. =p And I am HATING that right hand. Grr. Anyways....added some details to the jewlery.

Well, I still have hours to go before I'm done, but I'm still liking the picture at this point, so that is good!

And comments would be appreciated.

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