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Wednesday, June 9

Only ten days to go

Sigh. I wish it were here already. I know I was complaining about time moving too quickly, but now I wish it would move faster. These last two days have been rather sluggish it their progression. I know that this time next week I will be running around everywhere trying to get the last minute things done, but right now, I've hit a lull. You know, the calm before the storm. I'm still not really stressed. But every once and awhile, usually right before I fall asleep, I start worry about something important going really wrong because I forgot to do something, or did it wrong. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't care too much if arch fell over in the middle of the ceremony, or we the slide show didn't work. But I would be very very upset if we get to Cancun and find out that they don't have a room for us because I forgot to do something. That would suck.

I also keep having horrible feelings that some one is going to accidently spill punch (or something) on my dress before the wedding. Part of that comes from the fact that my mother pricked her finger the other day while sewing some trim on my dress, and almost bleed all over it. Granted, one of my colors is Red, but I was told that it would not be proper to wear red down the aisle. People might wonder.

What cracks me up is that its almost a week before the wedding, but response cards are still trickling in. They were supposed to be in by May 29th.

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