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Monday, June 7

I'm Here!

I'm here! I'm here....okay, ya, that's getting old fast. Actually, I got home over a week ago, but I've been so busy, posting has been rather low on my priorities. But now I'm home in Arizona, and everything is in full swing. I can not believe that the wedding is two weeks away. LESS than two weeks. Eek! How did that happen? Weddings do not sneak up on people. Really.

I have been very productive though. Lets see, I did the flower arch for the wedding, I finished the flower girls baskets, I completed three flower arrangements. I finished the candle stands, I burned my leg with a hot glue gun. I cleaned out all the dollar stores in a fifty mile radius of flowers....I almost have the program done. Oh, and I am ready to send out the "location correction" postcards. You see, the church where we were supposed to get married in is not finished. That is, it is still under construction. Sigh. So we've had to quickly move to plan B.

The problem with Plan B is that we can't set up there until 1:30 on the day of the wedding (which starts at 4:00). Ugh. AND since they are having church the next morning, some one has to tear everything down that night. (Oh, it won't be Clint and I, I can guarantee that. We will be...otherwise occupied =P) I'm not really all that stress though. Huh. I figured I would be going crazy at this point, but I'm not. My poor mom is though. She is going to have a full house both before the wedding and afterwards. So not only is she trying to get the things she need to do for the wedding done, but she is also trying to clean the whole house and make everything presentable.

And so, we truge along.

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