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Saturday, June 12

Need more sun

Well, not really. I just have this desire to be a deep deep dark golden brown for the wedding. Partly, because I've always been known as the pale child, and partly to surprise Clint. And partly, I suppose, just to prove I can. I've been laying out in the pool almost everyday since I got home, and I must say, I'm pretty dark. Its nice. But its a lot of work too. Who would have figure that lounging in the pool working on your tan would be work, but it is. I have to make sure I'm not getting any visable tan lines. And then I have to wash off right away because Clorine dries out your skin. And then I have to drowned myself in lotion afterwards to moisturize my skin. Otherwise, Clint will have a nice tan, but leatherly dry skin, bride.

I had my hair trial yesterday, and it went very well. Can I just say, I HAVE SO MUCH HAIR! Sigh. The one thing that we will have to do differently next week is to use fewer bobby pins, and more hairspray, because at the end of the day, my scalp and head was throbing, and the last thing I want to say to my husband on our wedding night is, "Sorry dear, I have a headache..." >=P

I would post pictures, but I'm too lazy. Maybe tomorrow.

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