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Tuesday, June 3

Beefing up the portfolio

One new painting finished this weekend, and a new WIP started. The WIP is a book cover, for my portfolio, of one of my favorite books in the Narnia series: The Horse and His Boy. I will also be doing three gray scale illustrations to go with it.

I've been doing much better at over coming my fears. I've been putting myself out there more often, and biding for as many jobs as I can. Problem is, I'm still not getting the amount of work I need. I took another step today, and contacted a local created recruiting company called Creative Focus. Clients contact them when they are looking for designers, managers, illustrators, etc. They take care of the rates, contracts, etc. I'm hoping that they will help me bring in a more steady stream of income, and experience.


The Houston's said...

Do you make all of these? They are beautiful!I particularly like the one with the two kids. One on the beach and one in the snow. You are an amazing artist.

Megan said...

Thank you very much!