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Monday, November 19

Mr Snow Bunny

Mr Snow Bunny like to hide and play in the snow. Hop. Hop. Isn't he cute? Painted with a MOUSE in Photoshop. Ick. Take him home! (Perfect for Christmas, yes?)

50 degrees in southern California, and everyone freezes. I woke up this morning, and jumped for joy to have the opportunity to finally wear one of my pretty scarfs. Yes, you heard me, you east-coast-folk: I wore a scarf because it was 53 degrees out this morning. When else am I going to get to wear them? Hmmmm? It was foggy, and COLD and after a week of it being in the 80's, I'm thrilled. Now if it would only stay that way for Thanksgiving, it would be perfect.


Maria said...

That's so cute you wear a scarf when it's 50 degrees. It was 5 below 0 this morning.

Megan said...

I know...its pathetic.