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Thursday, July 5

Fourth of July

I love fruit!We had a wonderful 4th of July. Our original plans fell through, but after a surprise phone call from our friends Susie and Jonathan, we had our first ever BBQ at our new place. We used the grill given to us by my step-father Al a few years ago (now we actually have a place to use it!). There were only four of us, but since we went grocery shopping while were hungry (big no-no!) we ended up with enough food to feed an army.

But it was so much fun to sit out on our back deck with friends and enjoy the afternoon. The trees kept ii from getting too hot out back.

After Susanne and Jonathan left, I got back to work on my doll, since NIADA is a week away! Eeek. But I was finally able to work in my new studio. It is NOT finished, but at least at a point I can use it.

I was able to finish up Elli's costume. But then I realized that I needed to make her new wings. The old ones just don't match her now. So I started on that before turning in for the night. Tomorrow I will spend all day working on her. And HOPEFULLY (please pray!) we will FINALLY get internet on Saturday. If not...then who knows how long. Sigh.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your studio looks great! Why didn't I think to ask you guys to see it?!?!? It looks great! and so does Elli :)