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Tuesday, June 26

What inspired me...

Holli Conger wrote a post about getting out of a creative funk that got me thinking. What do I do when I hit the creative wall? It is something that every artist struggles with. Some times you just don't feel like doing it any more, or things just will not come together for you. So what do I do the re-light the fires under my Muse?

Read. I love picking up a good fantasy or sci-fi book and just letting my brain wallow. I love escaping into strange and wonderful worlds and becoming friends with new characters. It is good exercise for the imagination too, translating words on the page to wonderful colorful images in my mind.

Get out. Sometimes, I just need to give myself permission to go out and do something non-art related, to just have fun and relax. The Muse needs a break now and then. Or she goes crazy and tries to kill me.

Feed the Muse. This is one thing I have to use with discipline. I find my greatest source of inspiration comes from other artist's work. But, I also find that I try and shape and change my natural style to match those artist I admire the most. Some times that makes for one frustrated Megan. And Muse. It takes discipline to take in the creative energy of others, but then use it to create my own vision. Some times I find I have to limit my intake of other work while I struggling with my own, but when I'm in the middle of a dry spell, it is often the spark that I need to get going again.

Music. I love music. I affects me deeply, I can change my mood by simply changing the music I'm listening. It has a way of just reaching to my soul, and stirring great emotions and images in my mind. My favorite activity in Kindergarten was when our art teacher had us listen to different music, and just draw what ever came to mind. No right or wrong, just freedom to be inspired.

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