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Thursday, May 10

Two months until NIADA

Well, its two months until The NIADA doll conference in Detroit. For those of you who don't know, I will be heading out there, and taking a doll or two with me to be critiqued one on one by a NIADA artist. I'm a little stressed about it all, because I have so much on my plate right now. We are moving into our new condo June 9th, so from now until then will be packing, packing, and more packing. I have a book cover to paint, and a few commissions to take care of. And then will begin the UNpacking process. I'm a little worried that I won't have the energy/inspiration to complete a few masterpieces to take with me. I'm sure I will, but I will be spread a little thin between now and then. Nothing new I guess.

On an unrelated note, I just decided to commit to making at least one new post per week, good quality posts that contribute some how to society. Maybe not YOUR society, but mine at least. So on that note, time for some Megan Musing...

The other day, I was participating in a discussion on OOAKGuild about creating art. More specifically, struggling with the pressure to create art that is popular, and is "right" for the market. Often we fall into the trap of conforming to what we perceive as the "market" norm. I think this is easy to do on Ebay especially.

One of a kind fairies dolls have been popular on Ebay for years. They sell well, but it is a very narrow field: beautiful fairies and mermaid females, 6-8 inches tall. So the pressure is there to make artist dolls that fit into that category, because, heck, we all need money. But I think we're starting to see a shift in the market (and by the "market" I'm specifically speaking of Ebay). Artists are branching out more, getting back to listening to their muses. Of course, this means broadening the collectors horizons, bringing them out of their comfort zone and introducing them to the whole world of artist/character dolls. And why is this happening? Because the darning faithful few keep listening to true voice of their muse, and paved the way of others to follow.

Time will only tell if there really is a market on Ebay for the "unpretties" artist dolls on Ebay. I believe there will be. But we shall see.

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