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Tuesday, June 10

Final: The Horse and His Boy

Here is the final version of the Horse and His Boy cover. I added some text to so that we can see exactly how it would look. I am really please with how it turned out. But I will welcome criticism if you guys see any ways it can be improved.


James said...

It looks great! I like the way you negotiated picture space and text space. The end result looks well balanced. Your choice of subject is exciting and makes the reader want to pick the book up off the shelf.

Maiden Fair Knits said...

I think its great. You should be very proud, The Horse and His Boy is my favourite too, and I think it makes a beautiful cover. Its always a pleasure to see your WIP's come to life :)

Reema said...

ooooooo........that's so wonderful!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!

Marcus Hadlock said...

This looks fantastic as the book cover. I love your background image too with the little turtle- great illustrations