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Monday, April 7

Wendy Froud Workshop


This weekend, I took a three day sculpting class with Wendy Froud. I had an awesome time with the people in the class. Two of my doll making friends (Dawn Schiller and Alyssa/Faerydae) came down and stayed with me and we took the class together. Talk about being able to totally "geek-out" over dolls for a full weekend! Its was very...interesting and frustrating working with a new clay, but I really like the look of it in the end.

Here are some WIP pictures of my doll over the weekend:


And the finished doll, PANDORA:
She is 16 inches tall, posable, made of FIMO soft.


And some pictures of Dawn's and Faerydae's dolls:


1 comment:

fribbles said...

Megan, Pandora is lovely! I especially love your style of eyes and those sweet freckles!! Am so jealous you got to go to a Froud workshop, you lucky duck!