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Thursday, March 20

Half and Half

Sweet Peas by Andrea HaddockWell, its my first week of working part time at my day job, and part time freelancing. I've very glad I decided to go part time with my day job, I have really needed the extra time. I was busy all day Tuesday with a project that need to be done ASAP. I would not have been able to finish on time if I did not have the day off. And I realized that already I am making enough freelancing to cover the lose of income from my day job, so really it was a no brainer. And considering today is the first day of spring, and my spirit is DYING to be outside more, it is perfect timing.

I've been thinking this week about what exactly I want to do. Thats kinda the point of working for yourself, isn't it? To be able to do really only do what you love, and saying "no" to the things you don't? I hate dealing with broken computers. But currently at my day job, i'm the most knowledgeable one about computers (scary!) so it falls to me to try to fix them. You think I will be looking for contracts to fix people's emails problems? Heck no. That is not what I enjoy doing, and I don't think that is what God gifted me to do.

So, what am I supposed to do. What does the perfect Megan job look like? Here are just a few things I've been thinking about:
1. Helping artist display their work professionally and beautifully.
2. Teaching some one how to do something new
4. Telling stories
3. Making pretty things...

So lets apply these things
1. What are ways artist can professional show off their work? Websites, blogs, portfolios, mailers, brochures, business cards... All of these are great ways to share your work with others. And each one can be done well...and can also be done poorly. And to be honest, when they are done poorly, the take away from the quality of the artwork, and often reflect badly on the artist themselves.

2. Teaching people things. For some reason this surprises me, but is very true. I get great job when I see that light of understanding dawn in some one's eyes. Does that mean I should become a teacher? I don't know. I have a strong negative reaction to the thought of teaching in the school system. But I love making tutorials. And I could see myself down the road being a one-on-one tutor, or giving small workshops and classes (when I know something worth teaching! :p)

3. Telling stories. Well this is where illustration comes in. I love telling stories through my art, opening a little door into a new world, and taking the reader/view for an adventure.

4. Making pretty things. Well, you can't get any more general than that. But I do. I love to paint, to sculpt, to scrap book, to draw, to decorate, to cook...there are so many things I love to make. If I can make a living do them, well then that would just be the coolest thing ever!

*Photo by Andrea Haddock

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