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Sunday, March 9

Dorthy Sketch

The March newsletter is out! If you didn't get it, make sure you are on my mailing list. Here is a pencil sketch I did today, obviously Dorthy in the land of Oz..but what happened to Todo? I blame Erin. She dog-napped him and replaced him with one of her own kitties....
I think I'll will be painting some gray tons over this.


Anonymous said...

I love your Oz drawing!!!!
This is my first visit...I'll have to catch up on the journal another day. I'm suppose to be getting my stuff ready for SCWI retreat.
Anne Boydston

so many thoughts said...

Too cute! Did I ever tell you that I LOVE The Wizard of Oz? The Judy Garland version of course! That is where my love for Judy came from!

Erin said...

I have to say, Frodo would be a way better-and smarter-companion then Toto! Adorable drawing though...(Bria wouldn't be as good as a kitty companion)