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Monday, February 18

Remember this one?

Orphaned no longer! I know I said I was working on portfolio pictures. But I've also been trying to complete old projects that I never finished for one reason or another, and this was one of them. Remember this HORRIBLE attempt at a tutorial/walk through that just went bad? This is what the picture looked like last time you saw it, when I abandoned it out of frustration. 80% completed....

I mainly gave up on it because it had gone through sooo many changes from start to finish, I was just totally burned out on it, and fed up. The spirit and life had been sucked out of it. And so it sat, dead, orphaned in my computer for two years. Every once and a while I would look at it and think, wow, that is pretty, why didn't I finish it? And then I would remember, and close the file.

But now, FINALLY, it is done! It in no way resembles the original drawing, but I love it once again. The life is back, the love is back, and I was able to put a little bit of my current style into it. So yay! What do ya'll think?


BabesbyBarb said...

Megan I love this finished painting its beautiful, I am adding a link to your blog from my blog

Megan said...

Thanks Barb!