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Tuesday, February 5

New Moleskine

Well, I decided to join the party, and get sick, like everyone else around me. So I've been in bed for most of the last week, trying to fight off this cold/flu/whatever.

Last week, I noticed that I only had about 20 pages left in my sketchbook, which meant it was time to start thinking about the next one. I decided to purchase my first Moleskine. It came earlier this week. I was so excited to get it, but told myself I would NOT open it up until I finished ALL of the pages of my current sketchbook. Well, being sick destroyed all my self control, and I couldn't resist. I opened it up last night, and started sketching. Bad Megan. Bad bad Megan. And despite my oath that it was just this ONE sketch, and that I would go back and finish the old book....some how its my Moleskine that is sitting on the desk next to me.

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