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Monday, September 17

Author Robert Jordan dies at age 58

I am so sad today. Those of you who know me know that Jordan (born James Oliver Rigney, Jr) has been one of my favorite fantasy authors for a long time. First we lost Madeline, then Pavarotti, and now Jordan. This has been a rough month for artists.

Robert Jordan blog

I first discovered the Wheel of Time series when I was 11. Strangely enough, it was my step-father Albert who brought them to my attention. We were at a garage sale, and he picked up the paper back version of Book 1 and 2, and brought them over to me, "I thought you might like these." Well, I did. I loved them, I read them immediately, and thus began my addiction to the series. My uncle and father helped feed the need by letting me borrow/buying me the books in the series as they became available. The Wheel of Time series was such an escape for me, a wonderful world to disappear into when I needed to get away. I am so grateful that he shared his talent with the world.

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