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Thursday, August 9

Progress on elf dancer

She is coming along, finally I have her all painted. I think I will start on her dress next, and save her hair for last.

I'm still really enjoying working with this clay. A friend is sending me a DVD of Robert McKinley, a NIADA artist who worked in this clay. I've heard that he would do something in the painting process that helped strengthen the doll, so I'm excited to see the DVD when it comes.

I'm pretty pleased with the skin tone. Not as translucent as with Kato, but not as flat as I thought it might be. Painting in layers really helped I think, and mixing in some iridescent medium helped give her a creamy shimmery skin tone.

I don't think I will be selling this darling, because she was too much of an experiment. I'm paranoid about unseen cracks or weak spots that would cause her to break with a collector down the road, so I think she will be living with me! Or maybe family or close friends. We'll see.


Erin said...

So I'm becoming more and more interested in the paper clay...I've looked at different techniques about using it to make stone walls for's pretty cool lookin'....

Megan said...

Oh, ya! You should totally get some and play!