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Friday, August 3

Accomplishing goals

Over the last few days, a fire has been lit under me. It started with Ellen Million’s Portrait Adoption site. For those of you who don’t know, Portrait Adoption is a wonderful site where you can purchase ready made character portraits, or request specific characters. Ellen is no stranger to me, bless her, she was the first person to ever look at my art and affirm that I could actually make money with it, the first person to license any of my work. And I was familiar with PA, but just never got around to joining. I have no good reason for taking so long to sign up, except that I am lazy worm. A baaaad lazy worm.

So why did I finally get around to signing up? I got the spark back. I got my Wacom tablet back in January of 2005, and became obsessed. I was painting all the time, churning out a lot of work, and making great strides in my art. But then, I got a little burned out. Probably because I was neglecting the normal things in life. The last two pictures I started, I never got around to finishing, because I just got sick of them. And so I went through a dry period with my art that lasted many months.

And then I discovered art dolls, and fell in love. I felt creative again, and found a new obsession. And my poor Wacom felt lonely and neglected. But slowly, I desire came back to pick up the pen again. It hit full force with my revelation of my style, I feel a great freedom to just go and CREATE. And so I have been.

The spark renewed my strongest desire to be able to work full time as an artist, supporting myself by doing what I love. And I’m finding some create inspiration from women who have been where I am, and succeeded. Holli Conger and Dani Jones always never cease to motivate me to get off my lazy worm butt, and do something that brings me closer to my goal.

So I’m proud to report, in the last week, I’ve submitted my portfolio to six different rpg publishers (already received one positive response!), and one greeting card/gift company. Every day, I’m taking a little time to find more names of publishers, magazines, etc to add to my list, and I even started a list of art agents, for the next step.

I was delighted to get to get two envelopes in the mail on Monday, one with the latest book I illustrated, Feeding the Crows, and a check from the first two quarter sales from Hasp Deadbolt. I also finished and got paid for a website design, and a new clay related commission. Not a ton of money all said and done, but it was a great affirmation that I was on the right path.

So I’m going to keep at it. I’m going to do some cleaning up of my website, make it a little more client/art director friendly. The design will stay the same, but the navigation will probably be a little different. I am going to be one busy lazy worm.


Erin said... you make me feel so case you forgot-I'm so proud of you!!

Dani said...

Hi Megan. I'm glad I have a small part in keeping you motivated. Keep up the good work.

- Dani

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to see what the future holds for you!! You get better and better all the time!