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Thursday, July 12

Here we go...

Tonight I hop on a plane off to Detroit. My bags are packed and sitting here with me at work. I'm already tired. That doesn't bode well. :p I'm feeling more excited than nervous now, so that is good. I'm going to try something new this weekend. Every time I get that small panic attack feeling about stressing over things that MAY happen (what if I get lost?! What if I don't get enough sleep? What if...what if...) I pretend I'm someone else who doesn't worry about such things. More specifically, I pretend I'm my aunt Gloria. She is one of those women who turn anything into an adventure. She'll hop into a strange situation and start exploring. Me, I worry. So, I pretend that I'm Aunt Gloria, and pretend that I am having a wonderful adventure. I'm actually surprised with how well that has worked so far in keeping my stress level down.

My goals for this weekend:

  1. Have fun
  2. Learn something I can do better with my art (well, many things)
  3. Make new friends, make new connections
  4. Be inspired
I think those are very do-able!

In other news, I stared a little illustration yesterday, inspired by a news story I heard. LA Fire department has been using goats to help prevent wild fires. The goats eat the grass and brush that is dangerous. Imagine that! Anyways, I didn't get a chance to finish it done before leaving. But I thought I would post it as a WIP as a promise to finish it off when I return from Detroit. He has a name. It is Sparky. He likes purple grass.


Erin said...

I'm so excited to hear how everything turns out!

Anonymous said...

How did it go???

Sher said...

Sparky is great! What a neat story.

Erin said...

Did I mention how proud I am of you, going out and doing this?