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Monday, June 11

Hello La Habra!

We are moved! Saturday we had an awesome crew of people come out to help us move. We filled a 17 foot truck, and five or six cars, and still had to make a second trip for the TV, bed foot board, and the car engine from storage. :p How in the world did we fit all of that stuff into a one bedroom apartment?

The only loss for the day was the couch. It wouldn't not fit through the door of the house. The angle was too sharp, and the couch too long. So bye bye couch. We have to go out and get a shorter one that will fit into the door.

We still have a few things left at the apartment to finish moving this week, but we got 95% of it all done on Saturday, which totally blows me away. Thanks everyone!!

I will post some pictures once I get the camera. We have no internet yet at the condo, because the have to replace the lines or something...they are too old to support internet. Go figure.

But we are now officially living in OC. Oh boy. :p

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