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Monday, June 25

Egg-sitter: a pencil sketch

Here is the drawing I finished a few nights ago. I've already started on a watercolor painting of a fairy, but it isn't finished yet.
Anyways, her story...I'm not sure. She is responsible for caring for the dragon eggs before they hatch, I believe.

Its has been a little weird in my "studio" the last week. Since I haven't had the internet at home, I haven't bothered to set up my computer yet. So my desk top was cleared off, and I put out my pencils, watercolors, paper, etc. Nothing else to distract me. I am so surprised with how what a difference that has made with my attention span for my art. No distractions. I have made the decision therefore to try and keep as many distractions out of my new studio. I will not be putting a TV in there as I planned. I have to have the computer there, for many obvious reasons. But I'm now going to try to separate it from the hands on art stuff, to try and remove some of its distracting abilities.

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