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Saturday, November 25

So out of it

I have been so out of it this week. We got back from Arizona on Monday night. Al's funeral was on Sunday, and we buried him monday morning. I really crashed once we got home, my brain has been in hybernation mode this whole week, and so has my motivation to get things done. I have kicked myself in the butt enough to do some work on christmas presents, since we will be back in Az in a few weeks to celebrate christmas. I'm making progress, but its hard.

Today was mom's first day alone, all the family has finally left the house. And today Al's death certificate came in the mail. That was hard. Not to meantion that everyone there was deathly ill with the stomach flu all week, so much so that mom ended up in the hospital after passing out and hitting her head. Great way to start off the week, eh? I'm just glad Tara was still there to take care of everyone. But these two weeks are going to be hard for mom, being on her own for the first time. I'm glad we all will be back out for christmas soon, and then she is flying back with Christy to Michigan for the rest of the holidays. It worked out perfectly.

On a completely unrelated side note....Casino Real ROCKS. :D I have fallen in love with this new Bond, and the new style of Bond movies. Like, seriously, I may go back a second time to see it again in the theater. I didn't think that anyone other than Pierce would really work (besides Connery of course!) but he really does a great job. Go see it if you haven't yet. Serious. Stop reading and go! Okay, I think I've gotten punchy. Time for bed.


Sher said...

I just saw Casino Real ... and I agree! I'm totally hooked. It is the first Bond I've seen all the way through (that I remember at least), and now I want to see all the others.

I am thinking and praying for your mom. I can't even imagine how this must be affecting her.

Archivist Meg said...

Thanks Sherida. As for the other Bonds, beforwarned though, you may not like the others as much as Casino Royale. They are very different from CR in style. I loved Golden Eye the most I think.