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Monday, July 10

Guilty Pleasures

So, Clint was gone all day Saturday at Auto-X. So, after seeing part of it on Sci-Fi channel, and getting frustrated with commercial breaks, I went out and rented *drum roll please* Queen of the Dammed! So, ya. As a movie, it was pretty sub par. (I could tell from its suckiness, that Ann Rice's book must have been pretty good, so I am tempted to go grab it.) But...I totally loved it. I don't know why I've always been a sucker (ha ha.) for romantic gothic vampire stories. Just why exactly are vamipres so sexy? And why are women always to be drawn to the dangerous men? What is wrong with us? Anyways, with the boy away, I could fully enjoy the cheap thrills of watching sexy moody vampire Lestat being chased by innocent young Jessy who doesn't quite know what she is getting herself into.

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