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Sunday, July 31


Thank you for all your prayers, they worked! Long story short: by grace of God, State Farm is going to cover us.

Really, it was only by God's grace. Friday morning, the statis was: if evidence was found that the office sent us letters of cancellation, they would not cover us. Legally, it didn't matter in the least whether or not we recieved any notification, it only mattered if they sent something. So we were pretty much looking at getting nothing. This was even after Clint had a long meeting with our agent, showing evidence (phone records, statements recieved just a month ago for my car that still had the multiple car discount on it) that we had no clue we weren't paying for insurance. Our agent faxed all that info over to the claims office (who was doing the investigation) to wonderful, wonderful Shandra. wasn't cutting it. After the meeting though, the Stringfellow's agent from Colorado Springs, who has been their (& clint's) agent since 1979 called the claim's lady (Shandra) and gave her the full family history (they've never been late on a payment, never had a lapse in coverage, so on and so forth). So after all that, plus our evidence that we in good faith never knew about the cancellation, Shandra decided to recommend to her supervisor that they cover us, irregardless of the outcome of the invesitgation. Yay!

Of course, we found this out at 2:30 on friday, as we were trying to get to LAX for a 5 pm standby flight to San Fran for a wedding. Yikes. We got the insurance back pay taken care of, got to LAX to check in as the flight was boarding, got selected for Secondary Screening (full bag search and body pat down), got to the gate as they were boarding....and still made it on First Class. =p Needless to say, both Clint and I took advantage of being in FC and ordered ourselves a couple of Bloodmarrys to finish the week off.


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