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Monday, June 20

Daily sketch #380

The challenge was to sketch the images that came to mind from this poem:

by Nina Patricia Sevilla

The love of life
Fades away
Deep within
Where the anger lay

Light to dark,
Fire to spark,
Hot to cold,
Feelings untold

Behind the bars
Of my own soul
Underneath the chains
Of my own role

Insomnia keeps me wide-awake
Into the reality of a nightmare lake
Where the water is ebony black
Reaching out as though it were to attack
And the reflection of my face so cruel
The monstrous image of my anger fuel.

Through the deepness of the undead heart
The beat continues with my soul apart
Living in a trance of my own confusion
Trapped in the creation of my own illusion

Far out where the sea meets the sky
Overlooking the motion of robotic waves
Standing on a cliff of your own imagination
Hearing the screams as the blackness raves

Emotions shoot up
Towards the limitless sky
Like a fiery star
Falling from high

Lost in the paradise
Of your own deception
Lost in a place
Of crooked perception.

Far below the depths of hell
Rise the soul of your own cell
Deeper, deeper into insanity
Confined inside the emptiness of vanity…

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