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Saturday, January 15

So. Tired.

Today was cleaning day. Ugh, I'm tired. And sore. And I only got a fraction of what I wanted to get done, done. Sigh. But my desk is all clean, the the floors are spotless, and yada-yada-yada. You're revited, I'm sure.

I took a break this evening, and continued to work on Patti's pictures. I'm kinda diggin' the unrefined-ness of them. And they look really cool all lined up my own little army of minions to do my biding.... Um, that is... have I mentioned I'm really reaaaaally tired?
Oh, this one isn't for Vonk. Hehe. Strange picture...What started out as a pretty happy sweetheart turned into something much more dark. She was too cute and happy. We don't do cute AND happy around here. =P

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