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Thursday, January 13

A new project

A 'la Patti. And Dr. Vonk. Patti asked me if I was willing to do some pictures for Dr. Vonk's class that she is TAing this semester. How could I pass up the chance to do some nifty character pictures, AND help out Dr. Vonk in the process? So of course I said yes. For the first part of the class, there are 29 characters. All I know that is each classmember is a character, and they try to figure out who is who, and kill the opposing side off (Lancaster VS Plantagent). Is that how you spell Plantagent? I'm too lazy to google it right now. So deal. Anyways, here are the first four characters. Also note, since there are so many characters, I am not spending buckets of time on each of these, so they are a little rough.

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