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Monday, December 27

White Christmas

Clint and I just got back from Colorado Springs, were we spent Christmas. Caroline, Clint's sister, got married Dec 19th (exactly six months to the day after our wedding). It was beatiful, and of course she looked beatiful. Clint and I were in the wedding, which was outside...brrr. Clint had the better end of the deal, since he got to wear a tux. I had to stand outside in my beatiful, but strapless dress. It was worth it though for the view of the Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak capped in snow. [Pictures to come later...after I've actually gotten some sleep.]

We got the white Christmas we were hoping for. It started snowing on Wed, and it stayed around until Christmas. We went skiing in Vail one day, pheasant hunting another [my first time! and no, i didn't actaully hit anything, despite my best efforts], and even made a snowman [complete with a carrot nose]. I will post more pictures after I've had a chance to download them from our camera, and fixed them up. Work first, then sleep, then pictures. Mmmmm sleeep.

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