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Wednesday, September 8


Man, nothing exciting is going on in my world. How boring I am. And suddenly, I sound like Yoda. I'm back in the job hunt. But I really don't know what I'm doing. It would be nice if some one would just knock on my door and give me a fun great paying job. Don't you think? =P I'm having a delenma. You see, I wan't to be a graphic designer, or illustrator, or something like that. The problem is, I don't feel I really have enough experience/education to be let loose on my own as a graphic designer. I need some one there supervising me, helping me along. So, I don't really have the experience to get a job as a graphic designer. But the only way to get the experience I need is to be a graphic designer....Ahhhh! Its a mad mad mad world. Bleh.

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