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Wednesday, August 11

Old before my time

My 22nd birthday is next weekend. No biggie. But this morning, I pulled eight pure white hairs out of my head. Maybe its the babysitting. Or maybe I'm taking after my father. By the time he was thirty, he was all salt-n-pepper, which made him look much older than he actually was. This was a good thing in his case since his job was to supervise other engineers who were much older than him (they resented a young "kid" instructing them). But I have no such problem. Hmmmm. I suppose I could look at this as giving me more personality. All the hairs were kinda bunched in one area. Maybe if I let them grow out, I'll get a cool white streak. People could call me Megan De'vil. Lock up your dalmation puppies. Bwhahahahahahaha.

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