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Thursday, July 15


Yeaaaaaaa! We know have internet up and running at home. I'm soo happy. I didn't realize home much I was dependent on this World Wide Web until I was without it. Sigh. Its so sad.

I'm actually making progress in unpacking. Two days ago, I uncovered my kitchen table. Clint and I are able to eat like normal people at a table instead of in front of the t.v. at the coffee table (which, until two days ago, was the only cleared surface in the apartment). Today, we get internet, and I've made significant strides in unpacking. Its ALMOST to the point that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have people over. =)

The sad thing is, my computer is still lonely and sad in a box. I was going to set it all up today, but first, I had to assemble my new Wal-Mart desk. But right off the bat, I used two wrong screws to screw in the legs, which striped the bolts, and made it impossible to assemble the desk. So I need to take it back to Wal-mart to get a new one, but the box it too heavy for me to lift by myself (my hubby is off being a wonderful bread winner, which leaves me more and helpless without him at home). So I have to wait til he gets home to go back to Wal-Mart. Which means my computer is still sad and lonely in a box.

In other news, a friend hooked me up with the frist two episodes of this season of Stargate SG1. I'm soo happy!! I'm going to make Clint watch them with me. =D

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