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Friday, May 21

You guys are fired

Only two comments, and for two different choices? Ya, so fired. I guess I will just have to make my own decision about how to wear my hair.

I just got back from the Senior Dinner. It was nice, if a bit cold. I'm really glad I brought my jacket. The food was okay, but I really enjoyed Dr William's speech. He has been one of my favorite professors here for the last two years, so I am very pleased that he was voted Professor of the Year. I still don't think I comprehend the fact that I will be done with my school career in less than one week. This is going to be a crazy last week, though. The good news is that I finally started working on the first eight page paper due Tuesday. I think I got a whole page written this morning. If I can get it all done this weekend, I will be very very happy. I have another eight page paper due Friday, a test on Monday morning, and a take home final due Thursday. Not as bad as previous years, really. But then I have to pack up, and move everything over to the apartment. Oh, and lots of little things, like get Clint's ring, set up the electricity and phone for our apartment, etc, etc. But I am so glad to be done with school. So very glad.

Oh, and no streakers this year. Yeah.

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