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Tuesday, April 13

Mmmm, fuzzy pants. So I have this pair of light blue fuzzy pants that always make me happy when I wear them. I'm sure every one has an article of clothing that is like that. You know, the one that is the most comfortable thing you own, even though it is full of holes, and is indecent to wear in public? Wearing my fuzzy pants makes me happppy.

Okay, there is a very annoying bug on crawling the monitor, and its driving me crazy. Every time I try and swipe it, it flies away from me. Grrr. But I digress. What was I talking about?................... Oh, I forget.

Got him! I squished the buggie! Opps. I squished the buggie. On my step-father's monitor. Ewwwww. Ididntdoit! *runs away and hides.*

I don't feel like I've gotten much accomplished since I've been home. I decided to set the invitations aside for a day, since they were slowly driving me insane. So today, I planted my butt on the couch, and overloaded my brain on TV while I hot glue-gunned my fingers to silk flowers and beads. Fun. But now I have a pretty bird cage card holder, and a hair clip for my two year old neice.

Oh, bother. Another buggie has fallen in love with the monitor. It is a big moth. Hmm, I don't think I should squish this one on the monitor. Harder to clean. Maybe I'll just EAT IT! I need more fiber in my diet!

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