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Monday, March 15

T minus 96 days...and counting.

I think I've gotten my second wind. Figuring out where we are going for our honeymoon really helped. I think the stages of engagement period are kinda like the stages of marriage, only in fast forward. The beginning is the honeymoon period. Musicians follow you around playing heavenly music while little naked angels hover over your head showering you with rose petals. Yes, you are in blissful denial. Then slowly, reality sinks in. It starts with the date. It is the first thing people ask when they find out you're getting married. If your congratulator is a woman, then many more questions quickly follow: What are you colors, who are your bridemaids, what does you dress look just goes on and on. Usually at this point, the groom-to-be eyes glaze over, and he checks out for the rest of the conversation until the word "honeymoon" is mentioned. At first, the possibilities are endless, and that is exciting. And then you realize...THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! TOO MANY CHOICES!!!! Brain...shutting...down....Starbucks ain't got nothing on wedding planning for the 21st century.

For a while there, I was seeing "save-the-date" cards every time I closed my eyes. The flowers for the church are trying to take over my room. My roommate and I have gotten pretty good at ignoring their attempted revolts. But after standing in Robinson May--with a really cool zappy-thingie (other wise know as a "scanner")--it hit me. Dude, people are gunna give me stuff. Cool stuff. And I get to pick it out. This is soo much cooler than Christmas.

And then we figured out what we were doing for our honeymoon. After registering, I didn't think it could get any cooler. I was wrong. Picking out the all-inclusive resort in Cancun was so much more fun. Hmm, should I go to this lovely, cushy resort....or to this lovely, cushy resort. Such a tough choice. (Okay, okay, maybe it was a bit harder than that. Leave me with my exaggerations, okay?) But now its all set and done. Reservations are made, and the tickets are all set. (7 a.m. departure....ouch) Finally, there is something I can think about without breaking into a cold sweat. Sigh. Only eight-hundred more things to do.

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