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Thursday, March 18

Megan the cheap-sake

So, I guess I'm too artistic for my own good. Most people have heard of "save the date cards." They are the cards you send out way before your wedding. Its considered polite to warn your out of town guests that they need to get tickets--or in some cases, start hitchhiking--more than a few weeks before your wedding. My problem was, I got artsy with my cards. And now, people think I'm cheap.

You see, my save the date post cards didn't actually have the phrase, "SAVE THE DATE!" anywhere on them. They say, "plan on attending..." So everyone thinks that they are invitations. And if they are invitations, they are cheap invitations at that. Sigh. I just couldn't make myself print "save the date for our wedding" on the card. It wasn't the best grammatical arrangement (like I have ANY room to talk) and it just wasn't, well, pretty. So cliche.

I start all my conversations with relatives now with, "The invitations are coming. I paid lots of money for them. I am a nice girl, I swear!" Well, maybe not. But close.

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