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Saturday, April 24

An insane week. It had a close resemblance to a Japanese acrobat routine. Well, I've never actually seen a Japanese acrobat routine, but if I had, this week would probably be like it. =)

Early this week, I talked to a man who is going to pay to do design stuff for his software company. It will probably be a lot of brochures and postcards, things like that, but he also is going to give me the chance to do some web design to, which is really cool. I think this is the break I need. A chance to get experience so that other people will want to hire me later on. Yeah.

And then, on Tuesday, Clint and I (with our friend Garry) were in a car accident. We were minding our own business at a red light when a woman slammed into the back of us. She just hadn't seen that the light was red. She probably was going forty when she slammed on the brakes, so needless to say, she hit us pretty hard. I'm very glad that we weren't hurt, besides some sore muscles. It could have been bad. But poor Clint's car. It wasn't so lucky. Clint took it over to the body shop yesterday, and the prognosis was bad. It will take a month to fix everything that's been damaged. They have to replace the whole trunk area, probably both of the passenger side doors, maybe the driveside rear door, the rear panel....the only parts of the car that wont be touched up are the roof and the hood. =( Talk about taking one for the team. Good Car. So I thereby declare the audi my Hero for the Week (not to superseded the Scout, which is still Hero until I say when).

That was definitely a bummer, but at least I ended my week with a somersault: I found out, I get to defiantly graduate in May. *Phew.* The graduation saga had been one long emotional rollercoster in itself, which, I don't really feel like getting into right now. I'm finally basking in the joy of God's answer to prayer. How it all came about was drama in its self (during which I discovered that Naomi Lewis isn't quite the nice lady I thought she was), but the end result is that I get to walk in May with my beloved. =) Amen.