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Friday, June 27

IF: Fierce (Meet Norton!)

Heh, we've come full circle. Mouse meets Lion. And Mouse finally has a name, thanks to my wonderful name-giving husband. Mouse hence forth shall be known as Norton! I sketched this in pencil, and then "color" in photoshop. About an hour of work.

Wednesday, June 25

IF Hoard part 2

Look! Mouse has a trinket hoard too. All those things that go missing in the you know where to find them! First picture

Tuesday, June 24

IF: Hoard (more mice!)

Another mousey in my sketchbook. He is hoarding some cheese. Mmmmm, cheese. Part 2

Saturday, June 21


Since I can't show you what I'm working on, I thought I'd share some recent sketches from my sketch book. As you can see...mice! I feel like its a natural transition from Lions to Mice, but maybe I'm just crazy. I think mice are adorable, especially field mice.

Wednesday, June 18

A project on the tablet

I may be a little absent from the blogging world for the next couple of weeks as I work on some projects that are keeping me busy. The good news is, I'm busy with some very fun things. I'd love to give you a sneak peak...but you will just have to wait!

Thursday, June 12

Snow White and the seven drawfs WIP

Here is the sketch for a new painting I'm working on of Snow White. I always loved her character. Probably because we shared the same condition: fair skin and very dark hair. As a little girl, that made me free very special. Now that I'm an adult, I just thinks its a little creepy for a young woman to be living with seven short men. Here are two quick color studies. I'm going with the purple dress.

Tuesday, June 10

Final: The Horse and His Boy

Here is the final version of the Horse and His Boy cover. I added some text to so that we can see exactly how it would look. I am really please with how it turned out. But I will welcome criticism if you guys see any ways it can be improved.

Friday, June 6

More progress on Horse and Boy cover

A few more hours of work. I think I'm finally happy with the horse. I changed the perspective a bit.

Tuesday, June 3

Beefing up the portfolio

One new painting finished this weekend, and a new WIP started. The WIP is a book cover, for my portfolio, of one of my favorite books in the Narnia series: The Horse and His Boy. I will also be doing three gray scale illustrations to go with it.

I've been doing much better at over coming my fears. I've been putting myself out there more often, and biding for as many jobs as I can. Problem is, I'm still not getting the amount of work I need. I took another step today, and contacted a local created recruiting company called Creative Focus. Clients contact them when they are looking for designers, managers, illustrators, etc. They take care of the rates, contracts, etc. I'm hoping that they will help me bring in a more steady stream of income, and experience.